Our QUIC.cloud experience

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We have been using QUIC.cloud for the past few weeks and wanted to share our experience. QUIC.cloud is an optimisation platform that is exclusively for WordPress sites. Some of the features of the platform include CDN, image optimisation and page optimisation. We were very impressed with QUIC.cloud, having switched from using Cloudflare.

We will focus on CDN for the rest of the article. QUIC.cloud has two CDN plans, the free plan and the standard plan. The free plan is rather limited but should be sufficient for smaller websites. The standard plan contains many more nodes and has DDoS.

For the standard plan each GB uses a certain number of credits. This varies depending on the region. You can choose which regions to enable/disable depending on your needs.

The current costs are:

  • North America: 10 credits/GB
  • Europe: 10 credits/GB
  • Russia: 20 credits/GB
  • Latin America: 40 credits/GB
  • Asia: 40 credits/GB
  • Oceania: 40 credits/GB
  • Middle East: 40 credits/GB
  • Africa: 40 credits/GB

The prices shown above include a 50% discount which ends on June 30, 2022.

The standard plan does give you a certain number of free credits for each domain depending on your tier.

The current tiers are:

Tier Monthly free credits
Basic 10
LiteSpeed Server 50
LiteSpeed Enterprise 100
QUIC.cloud Hosting Partner (coming soon) 200

You can purchase additional credits if you run out. The current pricing is:

Credits Cost in USD
5000 credits $5
12000 credits $10
25000 credits $20
130000 credits $100

We thought the pricing was quite generous. However, the pricing may increase further once the promotion is over.

We recently had an opportunity to speak (virtually) with Lisa and Kevin from the QUIC.cloud team and ask them a few questions.

Question 1: Which three words would you use to describe QUIC.cloud?

Fast. Secure. Global.

Question 2: What do you have planned for the platform in the future?

Right now, our plans are for better integrations/API (like cPanel), a partner interface (for hosting partners, multiple-site managers), and an improved onboarding.

Question 3: What makes your software different to other caching software?

QUIC.cloud uses LiteSpeed Cache, which allows it to accurately cache the entire site: static and dynamic content. This is kind of a big deal, because most CDNs don’t bother with dynamic content. You can learn more about this on our site, where we go into more detail: https://quic.cloud/quic-cloud-services-and-features/litespeed-cache-service/ See, especially, the “Why Caching Dynamic Content Matters” section.

For more information about QUIC.cloud check out their website.

Finally, a massive thanks to Lisa and Kevin for answering our questions and allowing us to use the QUIC.cloud logo.